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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

MTSR #7: What Has Its Gots in Its Pocketses?

(Originally posted on FetLife way back in 2011)

Toys! Everyone loves to talk about toys, right? Now I know you've all thought it. You're out somewhere play-friendly, and someone brings out a particularly delicious-looking flogger, or nipple torture device, or puppy-shaped hood, and you desperately want to know: What other wonderful things do they have in there?

Gee. Well, my toybag has a couple of floggers. They're very basic things. My nipple torture devices are called “clothespins”, and I have no leather hoods. (I do have a couple of gags, though) Mostly, my bags has a lot of rope, and string, and ribbon, and teeny bits of leather, and some other small pokey and smackey and inserty and vibratey things. I'm disgustingly low-tech. In fact, I'm willing to bet that between Shopper's Drug Mart and Canadian Tire, you could find 95% of what I use for play (or at least the materials to make them.)

I also have some other things in there, things that you might not have thought of adding to your ever-increasing play materials collection. They're --please insert gasp of surprise here-- safety ranger type things. And just to get you thinking about what you could or should be including in your own bags, I'm going to take you on a virtual tour of some of them.

  • Condoms and lots of lube: “But Mad, you don't have a penis, why do you need condoms?” Well, I will tell you, random naysayer type person. I'm a feminist and so believe that anyone who is even considering engaging in sex with a penis (on either end) should carry their own condoms. But that's not the main reason I carry them. If I wrap up any insertable toys that I might like to use on someone in a condom, then I know that should I choose to also play with someone else, or enjoy that same toy myself, I'm not doing any unwanted sharing of bodily fluids. And lube is a must, especially for toys that are ... larger ... than the average, or that are going to be inserted where the more traditional sun don't shine. Don't underestimate the power of lube!

  • First Aid Kit: Seems obvious, right? I mean, we're often engaging in a lot of hurting each other, deliberately! I'm always surprised to see that people who are deliberately beating each other to happy pulps don't carry so much as a bandaid with them. One thing that I always add to a kit if I get a commercially prepared one is a tube of Polysporin burn ointment. It's an antiseptic, but it also has a topical painkiller that's really nice for unintentional surface scrapes or rope burn and a million other little owies.

  • EMT/Bandage Scissors: These are special scissors that are smooth, rounded and curved upward on the bottom half, so that they can slide underneath clothes without hurting the skin if they need to be cut off in an emergency. I call them my bondage scissors. I never do any type of bondage without having hem within easy and immediate reach. Really, if there is an emergency that required someone being cut out of ropes _right friggin now_, I'm not gonna want to worry about whether my quite probably shaking hands are going to cause extra damage while I'm cutting the rope. Love the bondage scissors. Another Shopper's find, by the way, in their first aid section.
  • Individually wrapped, snack sized chocolate bars: Hersheys, to be specific. (No real reason, I just like Hershey.) You'd think that if you're doing a lot of play, the top is going to be the one who gets really, really tired, right? I mean, it's her arm doing all the flogging, after all! In intense scenes, the bottom is going through much, much more of a workout, believe it or not, even if shes just lying there all tied up being beaten on. The human body is a crazy miraculous thing, and it has some pretty cool defense mechanisms to stressors (like getting hit!) Endorphins flood the system, which gives her some lovely temporary endurance and a happy, glowy feeling. This is good ,because it will make her come back for more! But it also has consequences. When the play slows, and things come to an end, the happy neurotransmitters fade out, too, and that leaves some deficits. (This is what people often refer to as 'sub drop', but I usually just call it 'crashing'.) When you're in the 'high' part, your body will forget to tell you that you're thirsty or hungry, and your body will be burning fuel at a higher rate at the same time. So it can leave you a bit dehydrated, and with low blood sugar. If your bottom has got a teeny bit of a tremor, this is probably the case. Thus, my chocolates. They've got instant access sugar, melt quickly in your mouth, last forever in the package, and really, who doesn't love chocolate?

  • A microfleece blanket: This doesn't need to be microfleece, of course, I just love them because they're soft, and cuddly, pack up really small and keep you insanely warm. When someone is in one of those lovely crashes described above, they also lose heat really fast. So be a nice top, and give her lots of aftercare, including yummy blankie cuddles, okay?

  • Bendy straws: I might have mentioned a few times that I like rope. If I haven't, I do! I love rope, and tying people up, especially pretty girls. Sigh. Well, since I don't like my bottoms dehydrating on my, I like to keep them well cough watered. And let me tell you, it's kind of hard to drink when you're tied to the stripper pole with your arms behind you and doing some weird splits type thing. So, I always pack bend straws. I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to find water where I'm playing, but especially if you're at a play party at someone's private dungeon, there's never a guarantee of straws. If you're into humiliation, I suggest using Princes Power Puff bendy straws to feed your butcher bottoms. What's that? I'm evil? Well, thank you!
I have a lot more things in my bag, especially when I'm packing it for more specific play, but what I need and what you need are not going to be exactly the same, because I'm never going to play exactly like you. I hope, though, that this has got you thinking about some things that you should have, but have never considered. If you want more ideas, most of the better “Beginner's guide to BDSM” type books have some nice lists of things to pack. Check them out!

-Mad the Safety Ranger has left the building.